Wake up

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I hear myself speaking to myself
The body I dwell in is my home
Yet there is a physical home for this body
Who do I speak to daily in my meditation?
Why do I speak?
Who is listening?
Is it me still talking to myself
Wanting to change my patterns?
My thinking
My words, thoughts & actions
So what next?
The mind asks
Never ending deep longings
For someThing that is Present
Here & Now
Why so difficult to be Present, or do I make it so
Why so much effort to be Present?
And none for a wandering mind
Is there a place I get to or is it still my illusion
Is Enlightenment an expansion of a kind
Or is it an awakening from the illusion
What is this illusion & how to awaken?
Rest the mind, dwell in the body, experience the Soul in each moment
A glimpse of what IS may flash

The body is the carriage
The mind is the horses pulling the carriage
The Soul is the charioteer controlling the horses & the carriage
Notice, Awareness, Presence, Awaken!
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