“I have been pain free for just about one year…” Margaret C.

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I have known Anu for over 10years, so when she she started to do Reiki I was very excited to be able to go for one of her sessions.  Just last year, while, in one of Anu’s yoga classes I had pain in my knee.  It was so bad that I did not think I could walk out of the studio.  After some minutes of Reiki I was able to walk.  I started to go on a regular basis, once a week, and I have been pain free for just about one year. Anu’s place of practice is very clean and peaceful with very soft  music and relaxing colors. Anu herself is very calming with her soft voice and gentle ways, I would and have recommended her to other people I feel would benefit from Reiki.
– Margaret Canty

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