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  1.  HEALING experience with DISTANT REIKI sent by me, to their beloved Dog Tash. He belongs to Tina & Elena.
    Last month (AUGUST 2017), we took one last vacation, driving up to Massachusetts for a four-day weekend. We had to leave our beloved dog, Tash, with a friend. He’s ancient, and has not only a heart condition and a collapsed trachea, he’s also got oral melanoma (what we were told was a very aggressive form of cancer). You would never know it, to look at him. He still plays and eats, and has his proper functions. He just is a little slower than he was before. We were three days into our vacation when we got a call that he’d had a seizure. We figured, “This is it,” and prepared ourselves for the worst. As we quickly regrouped and drove the four hours home, I called Anu to give him DISTANT Reiki, thinking maybe it would at least ease his passage into the next realm. She immediately went to work.When we arrived, he was completely fine (and has remained so throughout). Every one of us thought he was going to die that day—especially those present with him, who watched him go through it. But they said that shortly after it happened, he seemed to right himself. He never showed another symptom of trouble after that. In fact, the very next day, he was running in the park with us. He is still here, busting our chops, wanting to play, to eat, to have fun with us. I credit a significant portion of his healing to Anu’s skill at being a conduit for Reiki.Also, this isn’t the first time she’s performed DISTANT Reiki for Tash. He had some trouble last year, collapsed suddenly. Again, we thought it was over. But it wasn’t. We called Anu as we were taking him to our vet, and she did her thing. With the same amazing results. That’s why our first call was to Anu, while we were driving home from Massachusetts.I still don’t understand what Reiki is; but I’m certain that because Anu opens her channels to it, to the energy that is there for all of us, and because she knows how to direct it to whoever needs it, something shifts and we see the effects right away. Thank you Anu! From all of us who love Tashie.Tina Lear

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