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This is the first question I am asked, most of the time.   Any person who has heard of the word Reiki but has never experienced it hands on, will be curious to know if it can heal!

When one goes to a doctor for any ailment, one receives treatment for the particular symptom.   When the symptom lessens or disappears, one feels relief, with the help of appropriate medicine.

But when a person comes for Reiki, the practitioner (me) treats the whole BEING. Reiki helps in treating the body, mind and spirit as it brings the person back into a deep relaxed place where true healing begins from.

The practitioner (me) places the hands on different body parts, even if there is no pain there.   The flow of Reiki into the body relaxes the body, makes it more comfortable and if pain is present, it begins to diminish. It is recommended to take minimum of 4 Reiki sessions to really start getting the full effect of it in healing.

But of course, the effects of deep relaxation and a release of any stressful holding in the body, mind or emotions is felt even after one session. Reiki balances the whole system and when the body is balanced, then the self healing mechanism starts to take effect.

Reiki returns you to your natural state quickly or it shows the right direction.

Reiki has multiple Benefits:

Improves Sleep disorders

Improves Digestion

Lessens Pain

Reduces Depression

Improves focus and Memory

Reduced Anxiety

Reduces Stress

Reduces side effects of Medication

Mood stabilization

In today’s time, when stress is at its highest level, even amongst youngsters, REIKI is highly recommended in order to manage the balance in the body, mind and spirit.


Reiki practice can be received by a practitioner but can also be learnt.   Self treatment is the first step for anyone who becomes a Reiki Practitioner before they start treating others.   With self treatment (or treating others), you become refreshed if you’re tired, if you are anxious you become calm. If one is feeling confused, they will feel clarity and groundedness.

The first session brings a marked improvement and repeated sessions bring more benefits.   Reiki is recommended in emergencies, but permission is always required before placing hands on them.   It has been observed that a person shows benefit quickly in an emergency treatment of Reiki.

Reiki can be given to anyone including pets, plants, trees, inanimate objects, any future or past events, distant treatment and even to the problems in the world. In the distant Reiki treatment, it can be programmed to be received by the client within a time frame that is suitable for them.




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