A Tribute to Heather

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A journey began some 2 decades ago
Brought me to rise from the ashes of my karma being burnt
There was another way too, but the Soul emerged to lead the way
I met you then, was timid & unsure
Yet the Presence within gave me strength
I started The Journey, that is still continuing
Our relationship evolved, though a big part of me resisted you
You had the Stop sign for me, each time I approached with a problem
You said “look in the mirror” & all will resolve
You were the blazing fire, I was the smoldering rocks
There was a part of you I did not understand yet I did fathom
We came closer & yet we never spent time together
My own struggles nagged at me but I marched on forward
Slowly peeling each layer of stored information
You said to me “be not afraid of the dark, for it is in the dark that you will see the Light!”
You turned a big # & we celebrated
You touched yet another milestone & more to remember
A surprise you planned for me gave me a lot of Love
We recognized each other in our own ways
Your way was never my way, & my way was never your way
But both our Paths were/are the same
And then came the big announcement-the time to say goodbye though is it really?
This attachment is not just from this life, I’ve come to realize
This simply is a remembrance of all that was
A gathering ensued, to show our love & say goodbye
In the midst, you stunned my v soul in gifting me the Phoenix Rising that came from your frame
Tears took over me suddenly
They recognized the moment of Love & Presence I had no words I still have no words
I wore it around my neck in that moment
How did you know that I am ready?
To take flight or be burnt to ashes & rise again
This journey continues with you in it, always
In this life & in lives to come, we will meet again & again
Till we Know that there’s nothing to know
Gratitude comes from my Heart!
from Tumblr https://ift.tt/2tZLOwV

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