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a marker in my life Some questions I asked
That arose within
You heard them &
Crossed my path
Came a joyous feeling within
Realizing you chose to stay
Errors I made, to know & understand
Dissolved, with quiet words from you
As a Knowing started to reveal
And understanding became small
I strayed from the Path, sometimes
With the smallness of my mind
Brought back to steadiness
With a word or two from you
Wisdom shines thru your eyes
As they look at me
And make me still
For the looking is not seeing
It goes far beyond
A recognition of Presence
That shines thru all
A guidance of Be Present
Came as my gift from you
Soon, a “Who AM I” kept lifting its head
When simple words of Be Silent
Were heard from you
Every cell is filled with gratitude
For a mirror was shown
As I look at mySelf
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