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What is Love?
A thought of you in this second
Brings warmth to my heart
There is no history with you in this life
Yet past lives may speak volume
The mind entrapped in a vision
Of seeing your vision appear
The heart then softens with Presence
I am afraid to speak up to you
Yet my eyes speak as my Soul directs
There is no fear of expression
Love speaks without reservation
The vibration is already Known
IT exists & is acknowledged
No words required, no need for them for the depth cannot be perceived by them
Remembrance of a touch brings the past alive
Yet it is THIS moment that experiences IT
Is it a desire? No!
IT is a yearning of the Soul for fulfillment of THIS moment
Love is a small word yet the experience of IT is in richness of this moment
Realizing that IT only exists in this moment.
As I exist with LOVE, You come alive in me. You are me as I AM YOU! We are ONE.
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